Quality with tradition

family-run since 1860

Who we are

As a family-run metal forming company in fifth generation we are proud to look back on a long history regarding the production of single parts and assembly groups for the national und international automotive industry.  Due to our vast experiences we apply our costumer's requirments and satisfaction as the mandatory standard for our products and services.

What we do

Our Producer line ranges from small batch series to mass production of single parts and assembly groups, which we produce out of every type of steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Assembling and coating of this products also belongs to our services. In doing this we empasize the work of a highly qualified staff and the use of state of the art machinery.

Where we

come from

The establishment of our company goes back to the year 1860, when Friedrich Wilhelm Busch began his work in a small workshop very close to today's company location. At this time the biggest part of our business  consisted of the production of clappers for the textile industry. With the beginning of the 20th century this company branch lost its importance and we entered into the international automotive industry, which is still the focus of our current activities.